Pro Racing Armsleeve

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If you are involved in any sport requiring heavy arm involvement like swimming, running, trail, cycling or gym sessions, this arm sleeve becomes your full-time ally, both for effort and recovery!


  • Improved oxygenation through optimised blood circulation that minimises cramps and injuries. Toxins are eliminated and recovery is quicker.

  • If confronted to shocks and vibrations during effort, your arm is protected against aches, contractures and injuries

  • Benefiting from the thermo-regulation technology only COMPRESSPORT® masters, the arm sleeves ensure your arm remain warm through colds, chills and rains. During hot seasons arms stay cool.

  • Odours and bacteria are wiped out efficiently thanks to the sanitized treatment this exclusive European fibre has been through.

  • The arm contours fit well in the arm sleeves thus ensuring optimum comfort and freedom of movement

  • Lightweight and very comfortable, they are tear-proof, non-pilling and 100% recyclable.

  • Perspiration catchers at the bottom of the right arm sleeve allow you to wipe away perspiration, as a wristband would do. No extra water is loaded in the garment, maximum ventilation is guaranteed and it dries quickly.

  • A COLDBLACK® treatment given to the fibre prevents the body and the clothes from heating up and guarantees a UPF of at least 30. Your arm/core temperature will be regulated.